By compiling the histories, stories, and experiences of those who have struggled before and alongside us, we build successful strategies. Our own freedom lies in learning our collective stories.

Our education system encourages students to “focus” on a particular area but teaches us very little about how these pieces intersect to create the Big Picture. Our timelines are all about seeing ourselves as part of this Big Picture. In order to figure out where we are going, and how to get there – it helps to understand where we have come from. We have found that once communities and groups connect their struggles to the big picture, they feel less isolated and more aware of how to affect positive change in their communities. History teaches us that the positive things we enjoy today were won by the collective struggle of groups of “ordinary” folks in the past.

Economic History covers anything that happens with money/finance.

Public Policy are laws and procedure that are usually decided by elected officials.

Movement History covers people’s struggles and achievements.